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ARK: Survival Evolved
(GER) DHC [PvP][40x XP][40x Tame][10x Crafting]

Installed Mods: ORP - Offline Raid Protection Noob Starter Kit Aku Shima Metal with Glass Set ItemTweaks, 10K Stacks and more Many New Items Difficulty 34++ Small Dragons Stargate Atlantis No Collision Structures Better Beacons Redux! NPC Bush Peoples...

Category: 1. PvP Server
]GER-PvE[ – Brauhaus der Hoffnung

Deutscher ARK: Sruvival Evolved Multiplayerserver mit Teamspeak, Website und Forum. Freundliche Community Hilfsbereites Team Automatisierte Update- und Backuproutinen

Category: 2. PvE Server
[GER] ARK Gameserver

Active member gesucht teamspeak 3 auch vorhanden bei interesse hir die Adresse:

Category: 2. PvE Server
Rank Title Category This Week Average Stats
#4 Jurassic World PvP x4EXP x3Harvest x12Tame!! 1. PvP Server 0 0.4 Stats
#5 Servidor Old Players BR Dedicado PvE e PvP 1. PvP Server 0 0.3 Stats
#6 [EU][ACA][PvE]Icy Pickle 50x Scorched Clustered 2. PvE Server 0 0.3 Stats
#7 [EU-PvP]Fresh 25T-20XP-15H[ORP][MODS]by 1. PvP Server 0 0.2 Stats
#8 Kartal escort 3. Hardcore Server 0 0.2 Stats
#9 DE EN PvE Server mit Capitalism Handels MOD 2. PvE Server 0 0.2 Stats
#10 lolmen 1. PvP Server 0 0.2 Stats